Why Renewal?

The Renewal Roundtable is a 10-week Group Mentorship Coaching program.


Why renewal work is vital for women in academia:

  • Without it we experience burnout that demands difficult and lengthy recovery.

  • Our best scholarship and teaching cannot be achieved unless we do the work to renew ourselves.

  • We are not able to operate with the level of presence, energy and creativity that is necessary to do our best work without rest.

  • Larger systems will not shift if we do not challenge the status quo. Shifts beyond the immediacy of our own lives become possible when we live and thrive as sustainable examples in our institutions and families.

These commitments are at the heart of my coaching and mentorship, and the very reasons I created this deeply supportive program for women in academe.

I specifically designed the Renewal Roundtable program for women in academia who are craving embodied renewal and invigoration for a wide range of reasons. This program may be a great fit for you if:

  • You work overtime in an atmosphere of high stakes competition and evaluation.

  • You are stretched thin and “gain” time by subtracting from your home life, downtime, or sleep.

  • You experience exhaustion, overwhelm, depletion.

  • You lack inspiration and focus.

  • You hold stress in your body, and may be prone to irritation, anxiety, or anger.

  • Your close relationships and friendships get neglected in order to meet work related goals and benchmarks, which makes reaching out for authentic support and connection a challenge.

  • You have so much on your plate that you ignore your basic needs and deep desires.

  • You give fully of your time, expertise, and energy-- and have difficulty asking for and receiving help.

  • You have difficulty confiding in mentors within your institution for fear of judgment, institutional politics, confidentiality issues.

  • You feel downtime will make things pile up even more so you push through exhaustion and works even when sick.

  • Your identity and integrity feel compromised by academic structures and systems.

  • You possess a deep knowing that you want things to change, but are not clear where to begin.

What you will achieve professionally and personally through the Renewal Roundtable program:

  • Generate the energy and clarity necessary to accomplish your most impactful, creative and satisfying work.

  • Get clear on your intrinsic values.

  • Develop the strength to hold firm, loving boundaries.

  • Invite passion for your area of expertise flourish.

  • See your confidence soar through reflection and celebration.

  • Experience how productive rest is for you.

  • Enjoy better health and well-being.

  • Strengthen your relationships.

  • Live with more peace and ease-- without guilt and work creeping in all the time.

The R/R Curriculum:

Each week, all of us will meet on Zoom. This will provide intimate community, support, and accountability. Calls begin with each of us checking in about goals, challenges, and progress. I will provide a deep exploration of the week’s topic using journaling, guided visualization, and direct coaching. There will be a clear framework and guidance for sharing and feedback so that each member experiences the utmost safety, respect, and growth.

Session One, Welcome: Exploring the difference between self-care and renewal, introduction to embodying an architecture of renewal, and setting intentions for the program.

Session Two, Allowing: Allowing yourself permission to recognize and meet your needs for rest.

Session Three, Solace: Creating conditions for various levels of rest and solace.

Session Four, Enlivening: Feeling into the warmth and desire to begin new projects or habits.

Session Five, Artistry & Play: Being beautifully resourced in your ability to envision, create, and play.

Session Six, Expressing: Acknowledging and communicating what is alive for you while holding boundaries.

Session Seven, Passion: Fiercely protecting your passion that alchemizes negativity and sparks renewed desire.

Session Eight, Harvesting: Celebrating who you are and what you accomplish as enough, and set much more generous standards for yourself.

Session Nine, Yielding: Releasing what is not yours. This release is particularly potent for women working in the heteropatriarchal academy.

Session Ten, Honoring: Celebrating your progress and integrating learnings beyond the class.

The Investment

Your space at the Renewal Roundtable includes:

  • One 90-minute meeting per week via ZOOM (10 total, details below)

  • A handbound journal for your reflections and musings during the program (made by me with so much love)

  • Listening partner (optional)

This will be a very intimate group with only 4-5 spots. As with all my programs, members will identify as women in a way that is significant to them, and will come to the circle embracing intersectionality and respect for women of all sexual orientations.

The 2019 Group Coaching Dates are:

Tuesday, May 29 2:45-4 pm EST, Focus: Welcome

Tuesday, June 5 2:45-4 pm EST, Focus: Allowing

Tuesday, June 12 2:45-4 pm EST, Focus: Solace

Tuesday, June 19 2:45-4 pm EST, Focus: Enlivening

Tuesday, June 26 2:45-4 pm EST, Focus: Artistry & Play

Tuesday, July 3 2:45-4 pm EST, Focus: Expressing

Tuesday, July 17 2:45-4 pm EST, Focus: Passion

Tuesday, July 24 2:45-4 pm EST, Focus: Harvesting

Tuesday, July 31 2:45-4 pm EST, Focus: Yielding

Tuesday, August 7 2:45-4 pm EST, Focus: Honoring

Apply for enrollment

If you are ready to step into an architecture of renewal that is embodied, fluid, rhythmic, and 100% your own, touch base with me at brookehofsesscoaching@gmail.com with any program or enrollment questions.

Early bird enrollment will open for a very limited time (April 14-19) at a reduced rate. If you know you are in for the Renewal Roundtable, mark your calendar now to ensure your seat and enjoy a hearty discount.

Regular enrollment at the full rate will OPEN May 1 and CLOSE May 15 at 10pm. Our opening group session will be May 29 at 2:45 pm EST.