Organizational Coaching

Women today earn
nearly half of all
doctorate degrees,
yet they constitute
only 31% of tenured
faculty nationwide.
— Mason & Ekman 2007: 113

Even a quick look at facts and figures regarding women in the academic profession reflects significant obstacles and challenges to not only their job satisfaction, but on-going growth (Catalyst, 2017):

  • Women are out-earned and less likely to achieve promotion and tenure compared to their male colleagues.

  • Women of color are significantly underrepresented in academia.

  • Many women academics experience professional penalties for pregnancies and childrearing.

  • The gender gap only widens for women as rank and leadership opportunities rise.

These factors and more negatively impact the careers and overall well-being of women in higher education. Mentoring and professional networking programs have been cited as powerful tools for retention and advancement of women in academia (Center for WorkLife Law, 2013). Through organizational coaching, I am able to work with academic institutions to initiate or enhance such opportunities and programs. When universities invest in the women faculty and leadership on their campus, it communicates volumes.

Organizational coaching programs take a variety of forms: one-on-one coaching, small group coaching, workshops, or retreats. Beginning with an initial consultation, I work with each client or group to create significant momentum and change. Administrators and scholars alike leave these programs with a renewed sense of commitment to their teaching and research, better rapport and connection with colleagues, as well as new levels of professional and personal renewal.

From supporting new faculty members in creating sustainable work and productivity rhythms to initiating women’s mentorship programs on your campus, I am committed to making higher education a place where women academics experience equity and sustained vitality. Fill out an inquiry form to discuss options for creating a coaching program expressly for you or your institution.

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