Why private mentorship?

Private Mentor Coaching is for women in academia who are committed to personal and professional renewal through one-on-one time with me. My clients recognize the toll academic systems take on women’s health, bodies, relationships, creativity, integrity, and rest-- and seek to learn the architecture of inner and outer renewal.

I work with women to co-create awareness and action around rest, time, productivity, ambition, boundaries, and celebration, among others. The spaciousness of private coaching offers confidential, authentic support that is specific to your experiences as a women in academia. I work with you intensively to accomplish your most impactful, creative and satisfying work. The results you achieve will not come from pushing harder, working longer, or writing more-- they will come from creating a bold inner momentum for clarity and renewal.

Ambitious women in academia must learn the architecture of inner and outer renewal in order to avoid burnout and create significance on their own terms. Private Mentor Coaching is crafted to meet your individual needs and requires a complimentary, confidential conversation with me. If you are interested in applying for private mentor coaching, click here to answer a few questions about your interest.

The investment

Your 3-month private mentorship coaching includes:

  • A complimentary call to clarify how we would work together based on your application.

  • 6, 45-minute calls (scheduled up front within a 3-month timeframe).

  • Pre-call forms to prepare and focus both of us for our time together.

  • Follow-up emails after each session.

How to apply

If you feel a spark of curiosity or recognize a need to take action, I invite you to follow that nudge...

When you feel ready, take about 10 minutes to fill out an inquiry application. This does not obligate you in any way – it’s simply an exploration, and we will speak on the phone if it seems like a good fit. On this call, we will get clear on want you want for yourself, identify the obstacles in your way, and look at specific next steps for you to move forward in the next 3 months. Submit your application for private coaching and mentorship here.